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NEW eCopy Recommendation as of April 23 2015. 

Leo Dyce Jr.

Leo Dyce Jr.


Scott is a "Johnny on the spot", "always there for you" vendor of an indispensable software suite that once you have it, you cannot live without it! For over 5 years, I have been able to count on Scott to answer the phone when I need him and help me when I need to understand how to use ECOPY and PDF Pro at a new level to make my work flow more effective. He is not just there for you when he is trying to sell you something, but clearly with you, supporting you, forever after the sale has been made. Words cannot adequately describe what a pleasure it is to work with him.
I recommend every business that deals large amounts of paper in the day to day work flow to call him and he will significantly simplify your life!

Apr 23, 2015, Leo was a client of yours

Scott Salisbury and 5thNK

5thNK is made up of  (1) former eCopy Inc, employee... ME! I purchased the eCopy domains when 
Nuance purchased eCopy Inc, in 2009. Today me, myself and I, are Nuance's #1 online re-seller Worldwide. 
sell and support thousands of customers worldwide. 
How much money have I spent in hiring anyone to help me? ZERO! 
All me! 

eCopy Branded Software, 5thNK, e-delivery... Scott Salisbury 

In 1993 I flew into Canon Business Shows to move folks through the eCopy Software Experience. 
I know a thing or two about eCopy Software Sales and Support. 

Zero phone calls, Zero cold calls, Zero emails in obtaining 5,000 + eCopy programs sold. 

In 1982 I started work in the Office Products Industry in Tacoma WA just South of Seattle. In 1986 I purchased a Personal Computer DOS based, with Microsoft Office installed and started my electronic Journey, moving past paper based communication. In 1996 I registered my 1st domain = Web site. Today some 30 years later I  own 55 + web sites, 100 + blogs, 700 + twitter accounts, Facebook pages, Linkedin groups and much more, all for the purpose of having a decision maker find me so I in turn can knowledge transfer that which I believe saves money for the owner and in turn creates a more efficient work flow in the Office environment. 

In 2005 I was reminiscing about days gone by and the fun we had as kids playing at 5th and K in Auburn WA. And www.5thNK.com LLC was founded. Using rotary phones in 1970 thru 1975, we would call each other to say hey you want to play at 5th and K? Good friends, good times, good memories. Each customer that becomes a part of 5thNK, experiences the creative flow within our company and the solutions we represent. Our two main solutions are eCopy branded software by Nuance and Microsoft Office 365. From paper to cloud storage and back we have solutions. 

With 5,000 + Licenses of Paperworks and PDF Pro Office e-delivered by 5thNK worldwide,  #1 we are in moving Nuance's eCopy branded software worldwide using e-delivery. My experience with eCopy dates back to 1992, when working as a regional sales manager for Canon USA I was called upon by Japanese management to demonstrate eCopy Solutions at Canon Business shows. Later in my career I became an employee of eCopy Inc and stock holder. When Nuance the company purchased eCopy Inc the company in 2009 is when I started registering eCopy domains knowing folks like you reading this would use Google, Bing and Yahoo to find answers around your exiting eCopy Desktop software. I knew there would be a knowledge loss and we filled the void. Today 03/30/2013 we have some 5,000 + licenses of Paperworks and PDF Pro Office e-delivered worldwide. 

Group  Creator 
Scott Salisbury
Scott Salisbury 
6,000 + members 

365 Microsoft Office 365/e-delivery... Scott Salisbury 

FedEx, Goodyear, and Dell contacted me and became customers 

In July of 2009 I received an email from a Microsoft Employee telling about BPOS = Business Productivity Online Suite.  This suite of software included Microsoft Office served up from a Microsoft Data center run by Microsoft employees. I knew at that time Microsoft was 
ALL IN, and I too was ALL IN
e-delivery by Microsoft ended in a box DVD delivery forever with the introduction of BPOS in September of 2009, today known as Office 365. We became a Microsoft Office BPOS Advisor in September of 2009 and have not looked back. Today BPOS is Office 365. FedEx and Goodyear are two of our customers utilizing our knowledge in Microsoft Office 365 to move from on-Premise hardware to Microsoft's offerings served up from a Microsoft Data Center run by Microsoft employees. Not only has Microsoft changed the game from on premise to e-delivery they have changed your buying behavior too. e-delivery ONLY and a choice of PURCHASE OR/AND SUBSCRIBE. If you purchase you can download and use on one computer once and forever.
 IF you subscribe you can download and use in concurrent fashion on up to 5 devices. 

Social Media... Scott Salisbury 

Social Business Presence  

"Be Found" "Find them"
Cold Calling using Twitter 
Leads through Tweets

Angelia Bingham-Love 
Dell Corporate Communications 

Angelia hired you as a Business Consultant in 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity

“Scott Salisbury's sales methods and social media marketing tools allowed our two teams to connect to accomplish some objectives we needed done same day. Scott's organization did not find us through traditional e-mail campaign methods, rather it was 100% through Dell and SeoSalesLeads using twitter. "To be found" today is far more than phone calls, and e-mail exchange. Thank you Scott of SeoSalesLeads.com” March 22, 2010

LinkedinRecommendation from Linkedin

Leads through Tweets

Allyen hired you as a Business Consultant in 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, On Time

Details of the Recommendation: "When I needed help with a client project fast, I turned to Twitter. Scott saw my request and within 2 minutes had tweeted me his number. He gave me the name of a subject matter expert who called me within the hour. The next morning I was working with Scott's recommended service provider to solve my problem. Scott's timely assistance and quality recommendation were critical in quickly resolving my issue." Service Category: Business Consultant  Year first hired: 2010  Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, On Time

LinkedinRecommendation from Linkedin

 Cold Calling using Twitter WON! 
Sharepoint job
This tweet you see above, filtered in. I tweeted back. For the next 34 hours we did 
add/change/delete on Dell's Internal intranet site built on SharePoint's foundation.

This website you are on News Tweet News was one of my best ideas ever. It was created to deliver filtered in tweets. In thinking about Twitter accounts and end users content is disbursed as a tweet into a twitter account. Having said that the number one thing for companies of any type and any size is the content or data. Twitter is not unlike any other company. They keep their content and as such allowed you and me "all of us" the ability to search against content = Tweets. I created News Tweet News using Google Apps and Google domain registration. Once this was done, I found a widget that allowed the filtering of Tweets and News Tweet News was born. Today I use this site to message who I am. In February of 2010 I used it to find if anyone had interest or need in SharePoint.  

More than the work recommendation I asked Angelia for a social presence recommendation. 

you reading this have you ever used twitter to cold call? 

                     hired Scott as a Technology Consultant in 2010

On Premise Servers and Buying Microsoft Software 
 = The Passing of the Elves. 

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In the world of Sales this is called "Cold Calling"

Twitter Feed captured 02/12/2010

#1. Scott Salisbury using Google Apps creates a web site to track tweets on anything SharePoint related. 
#2. Scott Salisbury monitors said web site 
#3. tweet back with cell phone number 
#4. Beth called me and we started talking.  
#5. LEAD: Dell (SharePoint Work) From Cold to Sold in 1 day. 

It is not important that we follow twitter accounts,  or that this person's twitter account follows our twitter account." 
SeoSalesLeads knows how to capture tweets using filters and Feed gadgets/widgets. We set up a filter to capture tweets on Sharepoint to get these two leads. 2nd Lead

YES the Apps work in the trial program. 
Game, Set, Match, $10.00 per month Lync is included the apps are FREE for download 

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eCopy PDF Pro Software 45 Day Evaluation.  Although the software starts in English, after downloading you will have the option to choose your language

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