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something a person does in addition to a principal occupation, especially for pleasure; hobby: 

Finding people jobs using Internet tools I have learned over the years is my avocation.  
Never stop learning and helping others 

Creative way to use Twitter to find your next job 

What you see below i visioned in 2009. DONE 

This web site is updated continually by folks using twitter. I have built search criteria from twitter 
"thank you twitter folks" that feeds into this site. Simply click on the job title and tweets flow in. 
The Best Web site on the internet for finding a job in the state of WA. 51 twitter accounts I registered are 
represented on this site. Total cost per year? $10.00 The problem I have is that I never stop visioning.
 It is a curse, I swear it is!  I saw twitter for what it was going to be not for what it was at the time. 
Yes all my friends laughed at me for having one twitter account. 
However they did not know my vision 3 years removed now in 2009 
What you see below i visioned in 2009. DONE