With HP’s ePrint, new age of printing heads towards the clouds

posted Jun 28, 2010, 6:28 AM by Scott Salisbury
HP is trying to change the way we will print in the near future. The printer is becoming a standalone gadget. Unfettered from the desktop, HP's ePrint technology allows you to email documents to be printed elsewhere.
Very soon we will be able to send print commands from any device to our web enabled printer. The technology is ready for marker adoption thanks to a new initiative from Hewlett-Packard. HP aims to make our print jobs real easy. The technology is called HP ePrint. The press release explains the unique process: "Every HP ePrint printer will have a unique simple e-mail address that allows the sender to deliver a print the same way they would send an e-mail message." It rides on the way Google Cloud Print works. Google Cloud Print is a service that enables any application (web, desktop, or mobile) on any device to print to any printer. The documentation and code of Google Cloud Print is open source and HP is building upon that to Net-enable a new line of printers. The new HP initiative will open up new areas of the way we interact and use our devices. For instance, we can print directly from Google Docs by sending a file to it from our mobile phones. The printers also come with a touch screen interface and you can print directly from the cloud without using a desktop computer. The net enabled printers will have support for various cloud based services like Picasa, Google Docs, Google Maps, Calendar, Box.net, Docstoc etc. That’s not all -- a slew of potential uses are being tried out. HP is looking at a tie-up with news content providers like MSNBC and Yahoo to print out customized daily newspapers at specific times. You can just take it off your printer and bring it along with you to read on the commute. Yahoo is looking into the ads which include contextual advertising and local promotions and coupons.