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  • I highly recommend Scott and his staff. They have been so helpful and so quick to respond to my questions. Thanks so much you guys!
    Like ·  · March 19 at 10:21am via mobile
  • Ecopy is a Great Product but the Customer Service from Scott Salisbury is Outstanding! Customer Service like this is hard to find; there are no automated lines that list 5 options - you get a live, professional, helpful and friendly person! Thanks for all of your help Scott! Our office is buying two more licenses in the next week or two. : )

  • Great product and great customer service! Always super quick to help if you have an issue! Love ecopy and service I get from Scott Salisbury at 5th N K.
    Like ·  · November 29, 2012 at 7:05am
  • Big Shout out to Scott Salisbury for great service and going the extra mile. I love this product and am buying 3 more copies for my staff. Thans again

  • Just purchased eCopy Paperworks and Scott was very helpful and informative. I love this product. Thanks Scott! 

  • This company is the BEST. Tried calling E-copy directly and couldn't get in touch with them they are impossible. But called 5thnk and they knew exactly what I was talking about and sent us what we needed. You guys are amazing thank you so much for all of your help!!!!
  • I purchased eCopy after a recommendation from one of the suppliers of our photocopier and was immediately impressed with the software, we have now purchased an additional 5 user license pack.

  • I have been using eCopy for the past year or so and I LOVE IT! I don't know what I would do without it. It saves me so much time and hassle with paperwork. It is clean and easy to use. And the support is always there if you need it. I think that anyone who deals with paperwork should have eCopy. Invaluable!

    Customer Comments about 5thNK's Service